Congratulations UTP Graduates!
Volume 9 Number 2 (December 1999)

The Faculty of Graduate Studies and the CST extend their congratulations to the following individuals who have completed the University Teaching Practicum since our last report in Core (Oct 97):

The University Teaching Practicum is a self-directed programme of professional development in university teaching for graduate students. Through this programme participants engage in a process of in-depth learning about their own teaching: reflecting on their practice, analyzing their approach, applying new strategies and techniques, and documenting their experience. At the same time, they have opportunities to deepen their understanding of pedagogical principles and of student learning theories, and to participate in discussions on all manner of issues related to teaching and learning (see page 4 for more details).

For further information about the University Teaching Practicum, please contact the CST.

Completing the University Teaching Practicum

The University Teaching Practicum encourages graduate students to develop their teaching through independent study and participation in a variety of teaching related-activities. Graduate students enrolled in the Practicum gather evidence of their participation in programme components over a period of two years. Programme requirements include:

  1. General Principles of Pedagogy
  2. Practice and Analysis of Teaching
  3. Teaching Dossier

Upon completion of all of the required components of the University Teaching Practicum, you must complete the UTP Checklist (available at the CST). The UTP Checklist, along with your Practicum materials, may be submitted to the CST at any time, but at least three months prior to graduation. Successful candidates will receive a letter of completion from the Dean of Graduate Studies. To find out more information about the practicum, please visit the practicum page.