Introducing...New faces at the CST, and some familiar ones too!
Volume 11 Number 1 (October 2001)

There are several new faces at the Centre for the Support of Teaching this year, including a new Director, Ron Sheese, and new Faculty and Graduate Teaching Associates, Monique Adriaen, Roy Koehler, and André Goldenberg. They join returning Faculty, and Graduate Teaching Associates, Belarie Zatzman and Anik Bay, as well as continuing administrative staff, Olivia Petrie, Mala Thakoor and Marianne Braendlein. Altogether, the staff and associates have put together a very full and interesting program of teaching development activities for faculty and teaching assistants and we look forward to an exciting academic year.

ron sheeseRon Sheese (Psychology and Centre for Academic Writing/Arts) has taken on the directorship of the Centre. Ron has been an important contributor to the development of programs at the CST from the beginning and so we are delighted that he agreed to take on the directorship after Pat's departure. In addition to directing the Centre, Ron is undertaking a review of our programs and will be working to implement a coherent organizational structure for supporting the use of technology in teaching across the institution.

Ron was appointed to the Department of Psychology in the Faculty of Arts in 1971. He is also associated with the Centre for Academic Writing (CAW) and the Division of Social Science in that Faculty. His past administrative experience includes Chair of Psychology, Director of CAW and Associate Dean of Arts. He has served on and chaired numerous Arts and Senate committees.

Ron brings to the CST a wide array of experience and leadership in teaching and learning. For many years he coordinated the CAW's summer workshop on critical skills teaching, he has organized joint curriculum projects with Seneca and Georgian Colleges, and he has founded and edited the electronic journal Positive Pedagogy. The quality of his classroom teaching has been recognized by awards from his Department and OCUFA, and he holds a 3M Fellowship for excellence in teaching. He has directed introductory courses in Psychology and in Social Science, as well as upper-level courses on statistics, educational psychology and cognitive psychology. He is an active fellow of Calumet College.

Monique Adriaen (French Studies/Arts) is a new Faculty Associate for 2001-02. Monique has undertaken a pilot project to work with a core group of faculty members over the academic year to examine pedagogical frameworks for the use of technology in teaching. The group will concentrate on identifying and fostering effective pedagogical strategies that make appropriate use of technology, and evaluating the potential for technology to achieve certain teaching and learning objectives. Through the year, participants will explore the use of instructional paradigms, communication technologies, the Internet, the evolving roles of instructors and learners, and evaluation and assessment of student learning to gain insights into the ways in which technology can be better used to achieve instructional goals.

Roy Koehler (Physics and Astronomy/Science) is also a new Faculty Associate this year. Roy is working specifically within the Faculty of Pure and Applied Science to promote discussion and critical exchange on the development and use of enhanced teaching and learning methods. He will be available to provide information and assistance to members within Science. Roy has successfully integrated a variety of technical and pedagogical innovations in his teaching, and is looking to identify other teaching methodologies to improve student learning across the disciplines to encourage further innovations and advancements in Science teaching. Ultimately, he is looking to develop new resources and activities to promote improvements in university teaching and learning in the Sciences.

Belarie Zatzman (Fine Arts/Atkinson) returns for a third year as Faculty Associate and is once again coordinating the highly successful New Faculty Teaching at York (NFTY) program. The NFTY program provides ongoing support for faculty in their first three years of teaching at York, to increase their understanding of teaching and learning processes, assessment methods, and informed classroom practice. The programme offers an intensive summer institute, workshops, individual mentoring, and panel discussions made up of some of the finest teachers at York. The New Faculty Teaching at York programme extends throughout the year with sessions that focus on engaging students in the course material, structuring discussion, group work, and student presentations, improving classroom presence, and other topics based on the perceived needs of new faculty participants. New faculty wising to become involved in the ongoing teaching development program should get in touch with Belarie.

Anik Bay Anik Bay (Environmental Studies) returns once again as a Graduate Teaching Associate. Anik has set up an interesting and informative teaching development program for TAs involving both formal workshops and the less formal peer discussion and resource group, TARG. Among her priorities for the year, she is particularly interested in highlighting the multiple facets of the TAs contribution to university learning. In addition, she and André (see below) have already begun to plan for TA Day 2002 and they will be seeking out support and resources to make this extremely popular and excellent event even better next year.

Photo of Andre Goldenberg

André Goldenberg (Anthropology and Osgoode) is a new Graduate Teaching Associate this year. André's main responsibility is to coordinate the discipline-specific teaching development program, which involves working with 30 Teaching Development GAs in 17 departments across campus. This program has gained significant momentum since its inception in 1996 and we look forward to its continued success. In addition, he is planning TA Day 2002 along with Anik, and will be guest editor of the 2002 TA issue of the Core newsletter. He will be soliciting submissions for Core in an upcoming issue.